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Studio News - Spring 2015

Hi! I hope you are having a great summer and enjoying some nice weather!

I have a had a great response to my Summer Sale and most of the original pieces are now sold with just 3 remaining. As always, I am needing space in my small studio, so I have decided to extend the sale for a bit longer and add a few new pieces all with substantial reductions in price and free shipping. Click here to see the collection.

New Dawn Tree 1
New Work
Here are a few of my newest pieces - view more here
Atlantic Realm Skylights Night Tide
New large scale pieces - view more
Butterfly 2 Dragonfly Flutter By
New Series Butterflies - view more
Can't find the perfect piece for your room? I specialize in bespoke commission work.
Click here to find out more
Studio News - Spring 2015

Spring! Time to spruce up your home and maybe think of decorating a room or two. Hanging a piece of artwork in your home or workplace is a very personal way of  imposing your personality  on your surroundings, expressing your  energy and style.

Art can  complement your décor,  calm or even exaggerate it. It has the power to  change any environment, bringing an air of tranquillity, happiness, vibrancy, inspiration, passion or elation.  I am passionate about interior design. Home is a place where you feel safe, where you can be utterly yourself. Home is a manifestation of your life, It should represent who you are as a person and be a true reflection of you and your family.

Unique bespoke artwork is just one way to achieve this. Designed especially for you in the perfect size, colour shades and proportions to fit your space. It is frustrating to  think we have found the ideal artwork, only to discover that it's too small, too large or the colours clash with those of the environment.  That's where the my bespoke service comes in .   Questions? Click here to find out more

At Dawn Sea of Aphrodite
'At Dawn' - 30 x 20 inches
'Sea of Aphrodite' - 36 x 24 inches
Commission piece for a holiday home
in Cyprus
'Spirit Tree' 24 x 24 inches
Commission piece
New Work
Here are a few of my newest pieces - view more here
Teal Tide Fairy Woods Storm Surge
Land, sea and sky - view more
Ocean Spirit Ocean 12 Ocean 10
Ocean series - view more
Studio News - Winter 2014
Midwinter, frosty weather, warm fires and all the fun of the holiday season . I really feel like one of Santa's elves working hard to get all my commission paintings finished and packed off in time for Christmas. It has been challenging and lots of fun to make special pieces for so many of you as well as some that will be Christmas gifts. Many of you have come to visit me at my studio over the past year, maybe to look at the work close up or sometimes to discuss a commission and I have really enjoyed meeting and getting to know some of you.
Gift Ideas

Still stuck for gift ideas or stocking fillers? Check out my mini abstract gallery with lots of gift sized and easy to wrap paintings under £100 available and still time for delivery before the holidays . Also there are still some packs of 4 sea themed note cards available for only £7.00 inc postage.
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I wish you much love, peace and happiness for the holidays and the new year!
Latest Artwork - here are a few of my latest pieces, I hope they brighten your day!
October 2014
New - Mini Abstracts
This month sees the launch of my new Mini Abstracts Collection. Smaller original signed artworks all under £100.00. These are great to display alone or collect as a set. They also make unique and original gifts. www.sharondeegan-art/galleryminiatures to see the whole collection.
Meadow 1 Ocean 7 Dawn 1
Bespoke Artwork
Summer 2014

As usual I have found myself with many commission works. I love the opportunity to liaise with my customers to create a special piece for a special room. There are many reasons that people choose to commission an individual piece and I thought I would share with you some of the stories that I have recently been told.
My piece 'Silver Seas' was recently commissioned by a couple who were married on a beach in Mauritius and sent me a photograph of their wedding set against beautiful silvery light shining off the sea, just like my painting!  Then there was the young man who told me the painting he chose was to be purchased with money his grandmother had left to him. He said it would remind him of the conversations he had with her about the blank spaces on his walls. Also there was a huge seascape for a lovely couple who came to visit my studio and told me that it would be their silver wedding present to each other and were kind enough to invite me to their home to see the finished piece 'in situ'.
For more about commission work, click here.
June 2014
I am delighted to announce that two of my seascape paintings will be included in an exhibition titled 'Sea, Coast and Water - Memories and Observations' at the CO3 Gallery in Colchester from Saturday 21st June until July 13th. For more information please click here.
Blue Tempest CO3
Two of my smaller paintings recently on display at the CO3 Gallery
Studio News
Click here for more studio news
Painting with Metallics
November 2013
I was recently asked to write about my use of metallic paints

What inspires you to paint using metallic paints?

From the earliest age I was attracted to anything shiny or sparkly, starting with the rainbow effects of oil on watery puddles or light bouncing off the surface of the ocean. I love metallic and iridescent paints for their ever-changing qualities and ability to capture light in so many ways. Recurring themes in many of my paintings are flowing images, I like the idea of movement and that nothing stands still and is always changing. Metallic paints with their 3-dimensional qualities and ability to look different in daylight or electric light or even when viewed from a different angle are fascinating to me.

What artists past or present have inspired you?

The first painting that I remember really caught my imagination was Salvador Dali's ‘The Persistence of Memory' (The one with the melting clocks), which I saw in a book when I was only about 12 years old. That a painting did not have to be a photographic representation of an object or place was news to me and I started to read about the Surrealists. I loved their use of strong light and shade and imaginative subject matter. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to gaze upon this actual painting when I visited the MOMA in New York.

I am still attracted to artworks that use light and texture. Some modern artists I find inspiring are Sax Impey for his wonderful modern seascapes, Philip Raskin for use of texture and wonderfully lit skies and Bill Bate for his beautiful underwater paintings of nude figures.

What process do you go through when painting?

I always paint in a very free, creative way and always in a strong, positive frame of mind. I work mostly from my imagination and from inspirational photos, including underwater photos that I take on my travels around the world. Most of my inspiration comes from nature. I am especially interested in the calm reflections of water, the fury of a stormy sea or the breaking light in the morning skies outside my window. Every painting is something of a journey and sometimes where I end up is not where I started out to go but I love this freedom and at times just going with the flow produces my best work!

For many years I worked as a fashion designer before taking up painting full time and I believe my training and experience in design has given me a good eye for colour, proportion and balance. Metallics have a great decorative quality and my paintings are often purchased or commissioned as part of an interior design. I really enjoy creating special bespoke pieces for clients who want a unique painting to compliment an interior and who sometimes send me photos or colour swatches to work from.

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